The Bowen Group Honors America’s Veterans

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Kelli Kirwan, Communications Analyst

There are reasons why immersion learning is effective when learning a culture or new language. The nuances of a society or way of life can’t be taught in a classroom or by an instructor. The experience of being in a moment is something that can be shared, but not fully understood or realized — unless the individual experiences it firsthand and in the moment themselves.

Life lived under the umbrella of the Department of Defense is no different. You can read the stories, hear the experiences firsthand from those who wore the uniform and watch the movies unfold in a two-hour increments, but unless you have walked that journey yourself, there is a depth of understanding that will never be achieved.

The Bowen Group acknowledges those individuals who stepped forward, raised their hand and donned the uniform of their respective Services. Bowen is full of those individuals — both people who wore the uniform, and those immersed in the military culture as a spouse, child or parent of a military service member.

Today, from deep within our collective experience, we bow our heads, take a knee and honor the sacrifice of the men, women and even children who march forward daily with untold strength, silent stories and fortitudes of iron, allowing this nation to continue as a global force of strength and might.

The strength of our force is not due to high tech weapons, intensive training or even brilliant battle strategy, but by the heart of the nation that beats with each footstep, steadily placed one after the other, from each member of our military family. Those footsteps are placed many times onto unlit paths, with an unclear journey ahead, but forward they step.

The Bowen Group family proudly stands next to those who have served in the past, who are currently serving, and who will take up the march tomorrow and continue to serve. Many of our Bowen family no longer wears a uniform to work, but the warrior in us still fights on. Our service to our military community and to our nation is heartfelt, hard won and continues to propel us forward as we find ways to serve those who serve.

To our nation’s Veterans: we thank you.