Military Life: Challenge Accepted

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PCS move? Bring it! Orders to the most remote place on earth? New stamps on the passport and new skill sets. Unexpected deployment? Breakfast for dinner. Some may call it a problem, but military family members just say, “Challenge accepted!”

Separations, different duty stations, new schools and a few goodbyes along the way are pretty typical scenarios for most military families. It’s not always pretty in the middle of these challenges, but military family members take these experiences, put them in their pack and move forward one step at a time. Just like the bionic man, they are built stronger and better every time they come out the other side.

November is Military Family Appreciation Month. This month celebrates Americans who are resilient, talented, educated and adaptable. We can speak with absolute authority on this one, because we are military family members.

We are members of the community we serve. We are the spouses, children and parents of service members. Our support and understanding of quality of life issues within the military culture comes from firsthand experience. So, when Military Family Appreciation Month rolls around each year, we take a moment to peek out of our work cubbies and office doors to high five each other and recognize our accomplishments.

We’re not talking about our recent MARCOM award, or numerous other awards The Bowen Group has been honored to receive — we are talking about the incredible lives we live and service we give back each and every day. We celebrate the children we are raising and the partners we support, all while bearing the title of “military family member.”

Life is to be LIVED, not endured. Military families know how to do just that. They don’t merely endure life until their contract ends or their retirement ceremony. They live, love and find joy in the here and now. They look for meaning and they find it — even while overcoming challenges unique to life in the military. That very fact is what makes military family members so extraordinary.

The Bowen Group family is proud and honored to show our support and continue serving military families across all services.