Bowen Will BeThere for Military Families

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Julie Dymon, Writer for The Bowen Group

Every military family is familiar with that pre-deployment look. First you spot it in the eyes…and then the lips. There’s that slight weight of anxiety that hangs in the gaze. Then, there’s the hard-to-mask tension at the corners of the mouth, making smiles seem just a tiny bit forced. It’s a look I can spot easily — because I lived it each time my husband was pre-deployment years ago.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday at a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Event with hundreds of Army Reservists and their family members in the pre-deployment cycle, as well as families already in the deployment cycle. It was there that I realized I recognized the look on their faces, because it was the same look I used to wear frequently in my pre-deployment preparation days.  

Luckily, to help ease some of the stressors during pre-deployment, the DoD Guard and Reserve Support Network’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program puts on events to help build a support network for the entire family. These events help connect National Guard and Reserve members and their families with the benefits, resources, tools and family support groups that can make pre- and during deployment life much less lonely.

Guard and Reserve life can be challenging for families when they enter the deployment cycle, as they don’t have a physical base to go to for support and resources like Active Duty folks do. The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event is a wonderful way for the entire family to see how much support is available for them and how to access it. From this one event, the pre- and during-deployment families learned about benefits and resources for employment, healthcare, education, finances, legal, mental health and stress reduction, just to name a few.

While working this Yellow Ribbon event, I was representing the DoD BeThere Peer Support Call and Outreach Center for The Bowen Group to get the word out about this amazing resource for our Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve members and their families. BeThere is unique in that Veterans and military spouses answer the phones, so when Service members or their families call in, they are instantly speaking with someone who understands their circumstances. Service members and their families can call, text, chat online or video chat unlimited for free, 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world. 

BeThere Peer Support Call and Outreach Center is a natural fit for the mobile lifestyle of our military families. It also fits perfectly within The Bowen Group’s contracts of supporting our troops and their families. At the BeThere call center, the Veteran and military spouse peer specialists say, “We’ve been there. Now we’re here for you.” The Bowen Group can say that for our clients, whether it’s during the work week or when we are working the weekends at an event. So, if you start to feel that telltale twitch behind your eyes or notice your smile is getting more and more forced, know that we understand. Bowen will always be there for our military families, both in person and through our military-friendly contract work.