Outreach and Engagement

Outreach and Engagement is research-based and designed to direct clients to the wellness services they need. At The Bowen Group, our outreach and engagement services are driven by a mix of research, expertise and creativity. We know where military families and veterans are and how to reach them. From the new military spouse living on installation to the service member on his fourth overseas tour, our methodology reaches each member of the military community right where they are. We are the community we serve, and we know the best strategies to employ at each stage. Fuse our expertise and capabilities together, and you’ll see that we deliver a full range of targeted services to your audience:  

  • Digital and media
  • Web and mobile design
  • Print collateral development and design
  • Training and learning management
  • Brand management
  • Communication and campaign plan development
  • Event management and support
  • Facilitation  

At The Bowen Group, we develop meaningful customer partnerships to create the successful, compelling campaigns we are known for. Partnering with Bowen provides measurable, strategic results you can be proud of every time. Just ask our clients.  

Your message. Our partnership. Shared success.  


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Outreach and Engagement

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Outreach and Engagement

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Outreach and Engagement