Military Family Quality-of-Life Policy and Program Support

Health Communications

  • Client: Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy


Military Community and Family Policy faces the ongoing challenge of ensuring that quality-of-life and family-readiness policies and programs are developed and implemented to support the needs of today’s military community.

Our Solution

The Bowen Group has provided a diverse suite of services – from strategic planning to policy development – that has helped Military Community and Family Policy develop and deliver policies and programs that sustain the health, well-being and quality of life of military service members and their families.  

  • We designed and convened facilitated sessions to distill divergent viewpoints and approaches into coherent policy, procedures, strategic plans and other organizational guidance.

  • As experts in the Department of Defense policy-coordination and Federal Register processes, we provided editorial and document-management support throughout development.  

  • We conducted original research among Military Community and Family Policy’s target audience to help inform policy and program recommendations.


  • We helped the Department of Defense issue DoD Instruction 1402.05, “Background Checks on Individuals in DoD Child Care Services Programs,” incorporating changes to federal investigative standards, integrating Department of Defense-component best practices and aligning with the department’s Consolidated Adjudications Facility business processes and rules. We followed this with issuance of a companion manual (DoDM 1402.05), which provides detailed background-check procedures for more than 40,000 individuals providing child-development and youth-program services across the department. These policies and our services are helping to protect children’s health, safety and well-being and provide peace of mind to service members and their families.

  • We have conducted periodic studies with our Military Test Group yielding information that has informed the policy development and programming support we provide to the government. Our test group is comprised of more than 400 service members and family members living within the global military community, representing all service branches.

  • We have provided project management, executive support and documentation services for a variety of high-level Department of Defense working groups, such as:  

    • Military Family Readiness Council

    • Family Advocacy Program Fatality Review 

    • Family Advocacy Program Prevention and Coordinated Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect and Domestic Abuse Working Group

    • Task Force on Common Services for Service Member and Family Support Programs

    • Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Quality of Life Benefit Working Group

    • Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Board

    • Casualty Advisory Board

    • Gold Star and Surviving Family Member Representatives